04 January 2011

use your imagination

We here at Plum for the Road (PFTR) pride ourselves on being able to overcome adversity.  A few days ago I saw something that would have made for a perfect blog post.  While I was driving on Interstate 70 just west of Baltimore, I saw a rainbow.  But unfortunately, because I couldn't safely adjust my camera while driving on the highway in the rain, I was unable to get a picture of it. Initially I lamented, "there goes that blog post."  But upon further reflection, I decided, picture or no picture, the blog must go on!  So...you'll just have use your imagination.

The rainbow was stunning; tall with a wide arch, each one of the colors was clearly visible.  It seemed to span the entire sky.  For a brief moment, another, smaller rainbow rested beneath it.  A double rainbow!  As it happens, I encountered this sight on the second day of the new year.  Call me naive, but seeing rainbow on January 2 has to be a good sign for the year, right?  I'm choosing to believe so.  This mirage has left me feeling more hopeful than I have in ages.

Here's to a new year that has more pictures of hope than pictures of trench warfare!

In the spirit of hope and sharing, PFTR asks our viewers: what are your images of hope (real or imagined) for 2011?

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