24 January 2011


Even the most seasoned traveler isn't immune to the unexpected hiatus.  Both persistent illness and family duties kept me away, but now I am back and happy to be on the road again, or, at least to be writing about being on the road.  Unexpected ventures remind me of the time I ended up in London on just three days notice.  It was January 2001 and I had just returned to Leuven after the holiday break.  The London excursion centered around my cousin, one my all-time favorite people and his interest in an English girl he had met only two weeks prior at a wedding in Texas.  I went along to serve as his moral support (in case he should decide to chicken out), so you can already tell how this story will end.  A scheme was hatched on a Wednesday, arrangements were made to rendezvous with the object of his affections, and we were both in London by Friday.  One ill-advised meeting at a club in Wimbledon and a lost wallet later, and the romance was over before it began.  We did, however, manage to see some pretty decent sights.

Westminster Abbey:

Piccadilly Circus:

We even took in show:

84 Charing Cross Road.  Just a cafe now, but as immortalized in a great book, it used to be a lovely bookshop:

Buckingham Palace:

Portobello Road in Notting Hill:

Parliament and Big Ben:

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