07 January 2011

living in Leuven

I've deliberately avoided divulging personal details throughout this blog.  Why do you need  to know about me, I reasoned.  Just make what you want of the pictures.  But Twenty-something Travels is forcing me to rethink that position. All travel is personal.  Whether undertaken for school or business or pleasure, it ultimately an individual trying to understand this new place that they're a part of.  The following are not just a random collection of buildings and streets; they are places that became a part of my daily life during the year of college I spent living in Leuven.

The main library of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.  I probably should have spent more time on the inside.

Instead, I spent it here:

One of two main shopping streets.  Although the black, thick-heeled, high-top military boots I bought here have long since passed, I still wear the vibrant, multi-colored scarf purchased at the store (winkel) on the left.

And here:

A pedestrian street lined on both sides from beginning to end with restaurants.  Every one I tried was delicious, especially the specialty pizza place, Quo Vadis, and the upscale Troubadour.  It's also the ideal place to take family members if they happen to be visiting on your birthday.  

Saint Michael's Church, the lone example of Baroque architecture in a town full of gothic.  Note the couple at the base of stairs to give you a sense of its immense size.  I have to admit that I never actually went in there, but I passed it everyday on my way to class. 

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